Dresden Mission Photos

MTC Sunrise
Early to rise: Sunrise from the MTC, September 1990

DDR Flag Retirement
Wiedervereinigung: The GDR flag is retired at the MTC, Day of German Reunification October 3, 1990 (Price, Meyer pictured)

The Wall
The Wall: Pink Floyd rendering on the Berlin Wall

mission19901229hallestrassenausstellung.jpg (358022 bytes)
Strassenausstellung: Street display at the Halle market, December 1990 (Hill, Price, Arbon pictured)

Leipzig Christmas Choir
Christmas Choir: Missionaries singing in Leipzig, Christmas 1990 (Ruetz conducting)

Hauling Coal
Lock him up! Hauling coal from the basement for heating, Halle, December 1990 (Hatch pictured)

Overachiever Trabi: Tricked out Trabant, Halle, December 1990 (Arbon pictured)

Raised Fists
Raised fists: So-called art of the communist era, Halle, December 1990

Tanks headed back east
Sign of the times: Russian Tanks heading East, April 1991

Freiberg Postcard
Landmark: Freiberg Temple shown in a postcard, February 1991

Matrimonia! Ad in Freiberg, March 1990 (Goettig pictured)

Flippin: Waiting for visitors at the Freiberg visitor's center. (Van Dam pictured)

P-day miners
Dress down: P-day in the Freiberg mines, March (Price, Goettig, Henderson, Van Dam pictured)

Thou shalt not covet
Thou Shalt not Covet: Moltkestrasse in Berlin, June 1991 (Frisby, Price pictured)

missionpixpack.jpg (63659 bytes)
Splitsville I: Packing up the office equipment for the Berlin Mission split, June 1991 (Tippetts, Kilpack, Price pictured)

Packing Up
Splitsville II: Packing up the mission van for the Berlin Mission split, June 1991 (Sorenson, Kap, Tippetts, Price, Kilpack, Carter pictured)

missionpixvan.jpg (81604 bytes)
Splitsville III: Van packed up for the Berlin Mission split, June 1991 (Tippetts, Price pictured)

MoTab in Dresden
Mormon Tabernacle Choir in Dresden, June 1991

MoTab visit with Elder Nelson
Elder Nelson accompanies the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to Dresden, June 1991

Zone Conference
Mulizone Conference, Dresden, March 1991

Zone Conference
Multizone Conference, Berlin June 1991

Green jackets
Shrink to fit: Trying to close buttons on some jackets donated to the Dresden Boy Scout program, June 1991(Winder, VanOrden, Sorenson, Russell, Smith, Price, Frisby pictured)

Green jackets
Stark! Results of too much German Sausage, June 1991 (Winder, VanOrden, Sorenson, Russell, Smith, Price, Frisby pictured)

Windows of Heaven: Seaside baptismal service (Taylor pictured)

Ostsee Taufe
Ostsee: Baptism in the Baltic Sea (March, 1992)

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