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Below are some thumbnails of photos involving the mission histories of the Germany Dresden Mission and the Germany Berlin Mission:  


Dresden (Leipzig) Mission

President and Sister Paul

Freiberg Postkarte
Freiberg TempleFreiberg TempleFreiberg Temple

Leipzig Bahnhof 1990Dresden Buero StaffHalle Strassenausstellung
Motab in DresdenOverachiever Trabi

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  1. President and Sister Paul - November 1990 (with myself photoshopped out of the picture.)
  2. Postcard of Freiberg showing the temple - 1990.
  3. Three shots of the Freiberg temple from April 1991.
  4. The Leipzig Bahnhof the day I arrived in the mission field (turned out to be a movie set, and coincidentally the movie they were filming--Shining Through--was the movie playing on the plane on my trip home.) (with Elders Scott VanDam and Esplin in the picture)
  5. The Dresden office staff wearing way-too-tight jackets donated to the Dresden Ward Boy Scout Program - June 1991 (with Elders Sorensen, Russell, Van Orden, Winder, Smith, Price & Frisby.)
  6. Street display in Halle - January 1991.
  7. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir in Dresden - June 1991.
  8. Overachiever Trabi - (with Elder Michael Arbon in the picture.)

more pictures

Berlin Mission

President and Sister SchuetzePacking up the Berlin office in DresdenMoving into the new Berlin office

Original Berlin Buero staffPacking up the Berlin officePink Floyd mural on the real WallTaufe in der OstseeTaufe in Rostock

Wieckhaeuser in NeubrandenburgFarmer plowing field in Neubrandenburg

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  1. President and Sister Schuetze - November 1991
  2. Claiming our part of the Dresden Mission office for Berlin just before the move in - June 1991 (Elders Tippetts, Price & Kilpack pictured.)
  3. The unfinished mission office on Graefenthaler Str. when we arrived - June 1991 (Elder Derek Carter pictured.)
  4. The original Buero Staff - June 1991 (President & Sister Schuetze, Elders Koch, Matthews, Tippetts, Carter, Price & Frisby pictured.)
  5. Loading up the mission van outside the Tiergartenstr. building for the move to Berlin - June 1991 (Elders Tippetts & Price pictured.)
  6. Pink Floyd mural on the Berlin Wall - February 1991.
  7. Baptism in the Baltic Sea for the Rostock Branch - March 1992 (Elder Taylor pictured).
  8. Random shots around Neubrandenburg - 1992.

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Inge Schuetze

In memorium:  Inge Schütze
Photo from Thanksgiving 1991

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