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Here are some helpful links for parents of HLHS kids:

The Childrens Health Information Network - Congenital Heart Disease Information and Resources, including various e-mail listservs.  To sign up for the HLHS listserv, an online support group and discussion forum for families of children with HLHS and interested health professionals, send an e-mail to join-hlhs@lyris.tchin.org.  For general heart defect discussion group, see pdheart at tchin.

"Left Heart Matters," the website for a British charity dedicated to HLHS.  Includes links to support groups and other organizations, and webpages and contact info for other HLHS kids.

visit websites for over 70 heart kids on the CHD webring.

HLHS at pediheart.org.

Babyheartspress includes online books such as HLHS: A Handbook for Parents.

some of the many HLHS kids: Philip, Jaedin, Jeffrey, Corey, Joshua, James, Kyle, Sadie (more to come...)



LeftHeart Line - khp
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Join us in recognizing February 14, 2002 as "A Day for Hearts:  Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day."

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